About us

Assing DMB is one of the leading Clinical Research Organisations in Austria
offering a broad range of services over a period of 20 years.

Dr. Anton Klingler

Founder | CEO

Anton Klingler

Assign DMB was founded by Dr. Anton Klingler in 2005. 

After receiving his degree in mathematics at the University of Innsbruck he worked as Head of Theoretical Surgery at the Medical University of Innsbruck. During those years he consistently increased his knowledge in clinical research until he finally decided to take the step toward entrepreneurship.

His vision, expertise and passion lead to a successful growth of a worldwide operating CRO.

Isabel Prammer

Lead Data Manager

Isabel Prammer

After graduating in International Developement and Mathematics at the University of Vienna, Isabel Prammer joined ADMB in 2014 and started her carreer in the Data Management Team focusing on building clinical databases in differnt EDC systems and medical coding.

In 2016 Isabel assumed the position as Senior Data Manager. She was responsible for several clinical studies starting from eCRF developement to database closure.

With her strong focus on gaining further expertise and taking overall responsibility she took on the role of Lead Data Manager in 2019.

Dr. Julian Larcher-Senn

Lead Biostatistician

Julian Larcher-Senn

Dr. Julian Larcher-Senn has a doctorate degree in Mathematics from the University of Innsbruck. He started his carreer at the mathematical institute.

He joined our statistic team in 2014 working on analysis plans, statistical programming and report writing. In the following years he focused on statistical study design and statistical counseling for all kinds of study procedures.

Becoming our Lead Biostatistician in 2021 he is responsible for developing standard operating procedures, improvement of processes and overseeing projects.

Karin Larcher

Lead Safety Manager

Karin Larcher, Lead Safety Manager

Karin Larcher has a degree in Nutritional Science from the University of Vienna and a degree in Public Health.

Starting in 2007 as Data Manager, she soon transferred to the Safety Management Department responsible for Safety Management Processes, the creation of SMPs, SAE report handling and official reporting to regulatory agencies.

Since 2012 she acts as Lead Safety Manager and is in charge of all safety related tasks within the Safety Department.

Sabine Haid

Lead Project Manager

Sabine Haid

Sabine Haid has a Master degree in Biology from the University of Innsbruck.

Starting as Data Manager in 2008 she continuously expanded her knowledge and took the Lead of the Data Management Department in 2015.

With her long-time experience she played a leading role in implementing our Project Management Department and has been the Lead Project Manager since 2018.

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