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Assign DMB is a worldwide operating Clinical Research Organisation – we collect, validate and analyse Data from Clinical Trials.

Our team of experts consists of 50 well educated and inhouse trained people, who graduated mainly in natural science or mathematics/statistics .

An essential factor of our success is a respectful and supportive collaboration resulting in a very strong team spirit.

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Onboarding Program

We know that an effective and satisfied employee needs to feel welcome, part of the team and to clearly understand their role and contribution. To that end, Assign has a well-planned Onboarding Program that introduces new employees to all relevant information, tools, systems and co-workers. It also emphasizes on unstructured time for social interactions, time to absorb and ask questions and for the employee to get comfortable in their role before they start their assignments and tasks.

Mentoring Program

We have a formal Mentoring Program in place to ensure that every new employee is supported by a mentor with significant long-time experience. 

Training and Education

We believe in lifelong learning and encourage our staff to participate in various trainings. Therefore, we offer a wide range of suitable courses to gain further skills.

Company and team-building activities

We frequently conduct activities to foster team spirit and have company-wide activities including excursions and celebrations.

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Flexible working hours and Home Office

While Assign’s first and foremost objective is to maintain a strong framework for structured processes and collaboration essential to consistently delivering high-quality work, it also ensures the possibility for flexible work hours and well-supported home office arrangements. 

Career advancement opportunities

We consistently assess employees’ performance and also ensure that employees’ professional goals are considered when it comes to training, new and challenging assignments and promotions.

Health and Wellness benefits

Good office ergonomics is essential to employee well-being, therefore we are supported by experts to assess employee workspaces on a regular basis. Assign offers Gym memberships and supports employees taking part in different sporting events. 

Surveys and feedback

We conduct employee surveys to monitor job satisfaction and to detect any emerging concerns and issues. We believe this is effective because we foster a culture of openness and collaboration, where employees are encouraged and comfortable to voice their concerns and suggest changes and improvements.

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